The Original Yellow Danfo Silk Scarf Panoramic

The "Original Yellow Danfo" silk scarf is Mama Zi's signature scarf.  The city's bright buses known as "Danfo's" are recognised as a symbol of Lagos by anyone who has spent even a short amount of work or leisure time in Nigeria's economic hub.  The Yellow Danfo is encompasses the spirit of this sprawling metropolis.

In 2017 Lagos State Govenor Akinwaumi Abude attempted to banish the buses considering them "not acceptable or befitting for a MegaCity" The iconic Yellow Danfo of which there are thought to be over 1000 remain in operation carrying its hordes of squashed commuters to and fro each day.

The silk is printed as a large panoramic and is printed in a bold sunshine yellow.  If you are new to Mama Zi we recommend this scarf as our premium choice.

  • 73"w. x 28"h.
  • Hand finished.
  • 100% silk. 
  • Made in USA.

    Preserve the beauty of your silvbnjkml;,/m. k. Store your item flat and untied.  Hand wash your silk scarf in luke-warm water with a mild silk detergent and cool iron. Alternatively, dry clean


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