The "Queens Pidgin" Chiffon Sarong

The ‘Queens Pidgins’ Story.

The Queens Pidgin captures our language, well maybe not our language as there are over 300 dialects spoken within Nigeria. So maybe the scarf captures our common inability to speak the Queens English, but positively our desire to speak to each other.

We want to say ‘that the scarf is designed to have words on it and that these words are the common ones that we speak to each other every day. Wetin, abeg, nowahala, I dey come, make we enter’. These words allow Nigerians to work, to shop and to enjoy themselves. Mainly argue and rant. The scarf is printed in very feminine summer colours and is in the form of a large panoramic. When you wear it, you will be special and people will toast and commend you. All parts and scarf included. We hope that you come and buy one, then buy another for mommy & auntie or your sisters, then clear everything for your clan. You will not regret it.’ This would just sound much better in pidgin!

This scarf comes as a panoramic and is hand finished in Chiffon. It is produced in a short run, with a few to be reserved for subsequent years. Size: 180cm X 70cm