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Nigerian Flags Silk Scarf

Lush is the green of the rolling forests that blanket our lands and fertile is the soil beneath. She will always provide and care for us for her treasures are immeasurable and bountiful. Bisecting the green the ever faithful, ever flowing River Niger meanders her way from our borders with Benin to discharge through the massive Niger Delta into the gulf of Guinea in to the Atlantic Ocean.

All of these qualities have been embodied with confidence in our national flag, so simple in design and yet so eloquent in what it signifies. The green represents the hope, joy and love of a people who live in such a blessed nation with its fertile lands and abundance of natural resources. The white, peace unity and national growth.

This nationalistic scarf, flags on flags on flags, is the perfect accessory for all our patriotic clients. An elegant piece that showcases the national symbol of state power and pride. For to see the flag flapping in the wind is to recall that when prosperity abounds, peace will thrive.

God Bless Nigeria.

This premium silk arrives in an exquisite presentation box making it ideal for gift giving.  Each scarf is presented with a certificate of authenticity, because the Best African Inspired gifts come from Mama Zi.

  • 43"w. x 43"h.
  • Hand finished.
  • 100% silk. 

Preserve the beauty of your silk. Store your item flat and untied.  Hand wash your silk scarf in luke-warm water with a mild silk detergent and cool iron. Alternatively, dry clean

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